Memberships & Certifications

LeapFrog Plumbing actively participates in several local organizations, chief among them Rotary International and the Walnut Creek and Lafayette Chambers of Commerce. We  are also proud to be an official PG&E vendor and have been consistently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.


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Gastite / TracPipe / Polyethylene gas pipe certified

Gastite and TracPipe are alternatives to traditional galvanized piping for running gas lines inside homes. Because they are flexible these products take less time to install than galvanized and route easily around obstacles. They don’t require soldering, messy threading or complicated cutting. LeapFrog recommends using polyethylene fusion gas lines for exterior gas lines. Laying polyethylene fusion lines cost less than laying galvanized piping as it flexible and durable. It will save on labor costs too. Unlike galvanized piping, polyethylene materials stand up to all soil types. LeapFrog’s plumbers are fully trained and certified to use Gastite, TracPipe, and Polyethylene.

Certified tankless��water heater installers

LeapFrog Plumbing is one of the top tankless water heater installers in Northern California. We install many brands, depending on your needs. All of our technicians have received extensive hands-on training. We happily install, service and repair every brand of tankless water heater.

Insinkerator Pro Circle program

InSinkErator is the LeapFrog Plumbing garbage disposal manufacturer of choice. Unlike many plumbers, LeapFrog Plumbing is a member of InSinkErator’s Pro Circle. We are trained in servicing InSinkErator garbage disposals, hot water dispensers and cold water dispensers.

C42 licenses for pipe bursting (trenchless sewers)

Finding out your main sewer line is cracked and needs to be replaced is bad enough, but learning that all of your landscaping and hard-scaping will be destroyed in the process is significantly worse. Pipe bursting is ideal in these situations. Instead of digging up the entire distance from your home to the city’s sewer line, mangling your yard and driveway in the process, we dig two holes and use a special machine lay the new sewer line. Our Field & Operations Manager has his C42 license for pipe bursting (trenchless sewer lines) and leads all of our pipe bursting projects.

T-1 OSHA-certified for excavation and trench safety

LeapFrog plumbers are T-1 OSHA certified for excavation and trenching.